What is the difference between Raw and  Virgin Hair?

Raw Hair is hair that has been harvested from the donor, cleansed, disinfected and nothing else.  Virgin hair is human hair that after harvesting from the donor has not been chemically processed.  Steam is used to create different textures and curl patterns, but the cuticle layer is still in tact.


What does it mean to describe hair as "Remy"?

“Remy” is a term to describe the alignment of the cuticle – that is it still aligned in the direction it grows – which makes it much more manageable and does not tangle like hair that does not have the cuticles all in the same direction.


 Why does the cuticle layer make a difference?

Human hair that has not had the cuticle layer removed has a longer life span, and does not tangle the way hair that has been stripped does.


How many bundles will I need to complete my look?

We find that 3 bundles with a frontal gives a nice full look. The longer the length of the hair, the shorter the weft will be. This is because the hair is longer and the weight has to be distributed evenly on the weft, so as a result the track is shorter, so that the weight is uniform with the shorter bundles.  When ordering hair 22 inches or longer, consider a fourth bundle.


How long will  Raw or Virgin hair last?

It can last as long as you want, provided you care for it properly.  You can uninstall and reinstall as many times as you like.  


How do I care for hair extensions?

Raw or Virgin hair is not the same as the human  (usually acid washed - cuticle stripped) or synthetic beauty supply store hair.  You will care for it similar to how you care for your own - co-wash, deep condition, leave-in conditioner or serum air dried.  Most important is keeping the hair moisturized, as it is no longer receiving sebum from a scalp.  


I’m natural; will my hair blend with Virgin Hair?

That depends on your hair type and how straight or curly you can make it. However if you are looking for a fully protective style, you can wear a natural texture hair extension, or  a matching frontal, or a wig.


Can I color or straighten Raw or Virgin Hair?

Yes, you can color it, curl it, straighten it and do anything that you can with natural hair.  However, please keep in mind too much altering of your hair can lead to damage if not done properly, and can potentially limit the lifespan of the hair.


Will the waves come back again on my virgin wavy hair after I straighten it?

Yes,  if you have wavy or curly hair, the pattern returns when it is wet.


Why do my bundles look different?

Because the hair comes from different donors we cannot guarantee that the curl and wave patterns will be exactly same, but we will try to match them together for your order.